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We are honored that these dogs have been included

by breeders we respect in their own breeding programs. 

  1. Bullet  BISS Gr Ch ClearCreek BonaVenture Slow Burn - Pam Mizuno

  2. Bullet  BISS ClearCreek BonaVenture Chasing Secrets - Pam Mizuno

  3. Bullet  CH BonaVenture Borador Bismark - Sally Bell, Borador Labradors

  4. Bullet  ClearCreek BonaVenture Sole Survivor - Sally Bell, Borador Labradors

  5. Bullet  ClearCreek BonaVenture Snafu - Hoffman Labradors

  6. Bullet  ClearCreek Tickled Pink at Sunnybrook* - Ryan Chambers, Sunnybrook Labradors

  7. Bullet ClearCreek BonaVenture No Guts No Glory - Stacey & Paul Sellers, Briarwood Labradors

  8. Bullet  ClearCreek BonaVenture Royal Hayshaker - Sherry Geurst, Hayshaker Labradors

  9. Bullet  BonaVenture ClearCreek Turmoil - Joyce Love, Rickway Labradors

  10. Bullet ClearCreek BonaVenture Josephine* - Mary Holsen & Jim Pihlstrom

  11. Bullet  ClearCreek BonaVenture Stargazer Lilly* - Leslie McNierney

  12. Bullet  ClearCreek BonaVenture Caribbean Summer at Big Pine - Angel Berrios, Big Pine Labradors

*Denotes dog is co-owned with ClearCreek